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Amaari Raaya Maldives - An adventure of a lifetime

Amaari Raaya Maldives - An adventure of a lifetime

"An adventure of a lifetime."

When you feel the explorer spirit yearning for adventure in your heart, pack your things and sail to Amari Raaya. A luxury 5-star resort located on a private island in Raa Atoll, renowned for its unique diving, sailing, and surfing spots.

Amari Raaya Maldives takes approximately 45 minutes to reach from Velana International Airport via seaplane. Alternatively, guests can take a domestic plane and speed boat from Ifuru Domestic Airport, which takes approximately 50 minutes.

A sanctuary of tranquillity that offers an exclusive experience, whether you are seeking thrills and adventure or divine relaxation.

The unique concept of Amari Raaya revolves around a traveller named Sebastian, who discovered the island as far back as 1954. He was set to travel from Thailand to Turkey. Unfortunately, he got shipwrecked in the Maldives and spent 8 years on the island. Guests will find a lot of buildings, structures and other things that will remind them about Sebastians time on the island.

One of them is the three watchtowers in the resort; you can have a beautiful view of the island and the oceans horizon. Imagine the private romantic dinner you can have in the tower, gazing at stars with a telescope they can provide.

Upon arrival, they will give you an adventure kit, which includes a Seb journal, a treasure map, and Dhoni parts to build and design yourself for the ritual night or to take as a remembrance of your adventure on the island. Amari ritual is when all the guests are invited to bring their Dhoni boat and let it sail on the little river in the Village square. It will resemble your journey in Amari Raaya, a little farewell party for every guest. This is a unique experience among many others in the resort.

The island is vast, and walking around will somehow tire your feet; they have 12 buggies called buses that roam around the island so you can easily hop from one place to another. The resort has 7 bus stops; in the middle is the Amaya Bus stop, where you can easily walk to the Amaya Food Gallery, the main pool bar - Souq, Water Sports, Village Square, Artist Zone and Maii Spa.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can experience the passion for good food and atmospheric dining at their Main restaurant- Amari Food Gallery. It has 3 pavilions that accommodate 300 dining guests. The Food is amazing!

Soak in the sun in their stylish Pool bar – SOUQ, just a few steps from Amari Food Gallery. Open from 10:00 until sunset before seamlessly transforming into a casual Italian restaurant by night, Pregolino.

Next to Souq is the resort’s Watersport Centre, which offers activities for all ages – including action-packed jet ski excursions, wakeboarding, mono-skiing, water skiing and parasailing, as well as more leisurely experiences like paddle boating, snorkelling, dolphin cruises, fishing, island excursions and romantic sunset cruises.

Keep yourself busy in the Resort’s Outdoor activities, such as a mini golf course, paddle tennis, football pitch, beach volley, skateboard park and navigating the mangrove walkway. You have everything you could ever want to do, all in the same place, from recreational sports to hidden jungle adventures.

The Village is the island’s town centre, where the Art gallery, Photo Lab, Bazaar, information centre and The Village café are located.

Enter the Artist Zone as part of your adventure, where Fun Space invites you to play in their huge nets and wall climbing structure and lets you rest and read books. Behind the Fun space is where the Arts and crafts are done based on upcycled art; most materials used are natural and sourced on the island. More sustainability, that is.

Make sure you have coins for the wishing well next to the Wood area, where you can make or assemble your dhoni.

Discovery Kids Club is open from 9 am to 6 pm, taking children from 4 to 12 years old. They have a beautiful calendar of activities for the kids and a unique family experience where grandparents and parents can join scavenger hunts around the island.

There is a main playground for registered children, where they can see a big hand-painted map on the wall explaining to kids about the scavenger hunt.

Behind the kid’s club is the playground for everyone, kids and adults. You can do zip lines, trampolines, and other jungle recreation.

The resort’s gym is open 24/7. They do complimentary Sunrise or sunset yoga.

Maii Spa is an Amari brand spa, which means silk. The treatment concept is based on the silk process, where once you enter the spa, they will take care of you and wrap you like a cocoon. They have ten cocoon rooms that use sound, vibration, temperature, and pampering so that you will come out to be a beautiful butterfly.

The resort has its own Salon and waxing room, too. You can get your nails done, do your Hair, facial or make-up and whatever you require to glam up.

Ampers&nd is the Pan-Asian-inspired restaurant in the resort. You can choose to chill from the beachfront or rooftop, which is fantastic. It is a sunset bar with a DJ at the centre where chill music will be played, perfect for a group beach party. It is also open for dinner, yet a reservation is required.  We recommend you book this in advance.

We stayed in one of their Ocean villas, a 57sqm ideal for two adults. A cosy terrace with a daybed and hammock. You also have a working space, living, and dining area.

It has a king-sized bed, Bed bench, safety box, Tea and coffee-making facilities, Mini bar, and espresso machine.

Ocean pool villas have the same facilities as ocean villas; they are slightly larger, with a private pool but without a hammock.

The resort Beachfront villas category are Beach villas, beach pool villas and Family beach villas. They feature a private terrace, dining space, soft sofas, a large TV, and direct beach access.

Let us escape the world! Experience the enchanting stay with their exceptional customer service.

Amari Raaya will genuinely brighten your world, and you will have a wonderful castaway experience of a lifetime.

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