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Yasawa Princess
  • Yasawa Princess
  • Yasawa Princess
  • Yasawa Princess
  • Yasawa Princess
  • Yasawa Princess
  • Yasawa Princess


The journey starts aboard MV Yasawa Princess, but this thrilling adventure goes on to take you deep below the blue waves that beckon under the tropical sun, and beyond to the virgin islands waiting for a fresh print on it’s shoreline. Memories would linger and make you smile as you remember the warm days and cool nights of cruising the Maldivian waters with us.
Owned and operated by Deep Blue Dive center, Yasawa Princess wishes to serve above and beyond your expectations.


Deck windows offer you the lovely view of the tropical seas in the comfort of cool air-conditioned cabins fully furnished to accommodate your needs.
  • Bridge Deck
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Tastefully decorated and spacious private quarters specially designed for you to rest and relax. Enjoy the tranquil porthole view and make yourself at home.
  • Lower Main Deck Cabins
  • Lower Main Deck Cabins
  • Lower Main Deck Cabins
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Warm inviting interiors line the A Deck, each cabin has it’s own deck window giving you a beautiful view of the ocean.
  • A Deck
  • A Deck
  • A Deck
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The Saloon deck opens up to a dining area large enough to accommodate 100pax. The warm wood décor along with careful lighting brings a cozy intimate mood to the spacious area.

A fine variety of both local and international cuisine is prepared adding more exotic treats to your cruise. We also arrange private dining ashore on the excursion islands.
Forward Lounge
Chill out in the forward Lounge in the air condition with a cocktail, browse through our library and catch up on some reading, watch videos, or mingle and make some new holiday friends.
Sun Deck
Catch some morning rays on the sun beds and loungers laid out to accommodate up to 20pax.
The resident bar in the dining area offers a wide selection of fine wines, cocktails and spirits, and a variety of beer.


Facilities and Activities

For the more adventurous guests we offer a number of exciting Dive experiences. There’s something for everyone, from beginner’s courses to opportunities for the more seasoned divers. Revel in the richness beneath the waters.. Let your mind wander free as you dive into the ocean, snorkel, and be part of wonderful excursions and Fishing expeditions.
Snorkeling lessons will be conducted by your dive instructors, and you’ll get the chance to view some of the most beautiful coral reefs up close and personal in the deserted islands you visit on excursions. All guests are requested to respect and take care to preserve this unspoiled beauty.
Your cruise will take you island hopping and you’ll get the chance to see both local inhabited islands and some untouched uninhabited Islands. Both experiences have their own charm, and it’s up to you to make the most of your outing. Our staff will be happy to assist you in any request that you might have during the excursions.
In a country where 99% water, fishing, as one might have guessed is very much a part of Maldives, going back to many generations over. Before ending a cruise in Maldives, many wish to throw a line and see if they get lucky. MV Yasawa Princess has its very own fishing boat –Dolphin, fully equipped to take you on a trip of trolling, jigging and spinning. We will take you to deserted islands and sandbanks for fly-fishing, and night fishing as well. You’ll have Maldivians- true fisherman at heart to guide you along.
Leisure cruises lets you escape to a day of sun, sea and sand on sandbanks, and gorgeous deserted and picnic islands. This is an all-exclusive program with daily excursions letting you experience the culture of local islands, and resorts. Night fishing excursions and delicious evening beach barbeques are also included in the program.

Apart from swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing, with a small extra charge you can add diving and game fishing to your leisure cruise list.
Dive cruises are designed specially for our dedicated divers. With 3 dives a day and a thrilling weekly night dive, signing up for this cruise will help you dive headfirst into an underwater adventure. The dive routes and itinerary will be designed based on the best dive choices for the particular cruise period.

Non-Divers can also join the dive cruises, and enjoy at their own pace. Although we cannot promise daily island excursions on these dive cruises, depending on the proximity of sand banks or islands such excursions will be arranged to be added onto your cruise.
Cruising the Maldives aboard MV Yasawa Princess

We offer 2 types of cruises for our guests- Leisure cruises and Dive cruises. From relaxed sunbathing on a sandbank to swimming with shoals of fishes, each 7-day cruise will engage you in an unforgettable string of activities.

We also offer dive charter trips for dive clubs, dive groups, centers and company retreats.
Maldives is world renowned as a first class scuba diving destination, and anyone who’s been lucky enough to have witnessed the wonders below these waters will know why. The clear waters, along with the amazing coral reefs and rich marine life fluidly and effortlessly create a diver’s dream.

Maldives can be dived throughout the year but serious divers will want to wait for the peak seasons (November to April) when Whale Sharks and Manta Rays are spotted on the SW of Ari Atoll.

There are so many fascinating dive sites, and our team has included over 50 of these sites in the Yasawa Princess cruise route. The selection is a fine blend of easy to difficult levels and different experiences.

We have a Dive Boat (max- 16pax) to take you on your scheduled dive trips. During your cruise we offer full day trips and 2 tank dives depending on the dive site. Dive equipment will be available for rental throughout your cruise, and we make sure that all equipment is thoroughly checked and followed through with all standard safety programs. All of your dives will be supervised by a dive master or instructor, and less experienced will be guided in groups.

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