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Baa Atoll - Biosphere Reserve and other interesting facts

Baa Atoll - Biosphere Reserve and other interesting facts

If you are visiting the Maldives, you should definitely make time to visit the world-famous Baa Atoll biosphere reserve. This is a truly iconic destination, and it is one of the few places in the world where nature can roam free and untamed, expressing itself in its beauty, colours, and refreshing wilderness.

Located in the central-western part of the Maldives, this biosphere reserve is one of the world’s best natural parks and is often named the “jewel of the Indian ocean.” Needless to say, it totally deserves its reputation. Baa Atoll is home to one of the larger coral reefs in the area. It is actually really important for the oceanic ecosystem because it is almost like a stepping-stone, allowing plankton to travel from the western to the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Plankton is very important. This minuscule life form is actually important in the food chain because it feeds many marine animals, which largely depend on it.

In addition to the important ecological role covered by this location, it offers a very beautiful insight into the diversity of life in such a fantastic environment. The reserve itself actually consists of a fairly large number of islands - 75 to be exact, including Sonevafushi, one of the biggest islands in the Maldives. On top of this, only 13 of these islands are actually inhabited by a significant population, reaching no more than 12.000 people.

Of the other inhabited islands, some are actually turning into resorts, leading to a future that is full of exciting possibilities. Some fisheries are allowed, and even reef fishing is permitted, albeit highly regulated. Tourism is still the driving force here, as millions of people are looking to experience the beautiful nature of the Baa Atoll firsthand.

As far as things to do, there are many amazing activities and attractions in Baa Atoll. Boat tours and watersports, as well as a wider range of outdoor activities, are truly unforgettable experiences here. Get in the water for some amazing snorkelling or scuba-diving experiences, where you will be able to see fantastic saline, including manta rays, sharks, and a wide variety of fish species. If sailing is your thing, you can also experience the magic of an old-fashioned sailboat on some of the world’s best waters. If you aren’t an expert diver or seawolf, but still want to make the most out of this experience, not a problem at all. You could certainly find a skilled and talented guide, who will give you the time of your life.

It’s safe to say that it is not an exaggeration to call the Baa Atoll one of the most beautiful places on our blue planet! Baa Atoll isn’t only about the stunning nature. It is a great place to get social and meet many like-minded people!

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