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A contemporary, homegrown brand driven by a Maldivian team to curate an experience elevating the collective story of the Maldives islands with a platform for local artists and craftsmen.

For centuries, it has been customary to welcome you with ‘Aanlheoa’, exclaimed with open hearts upon the arrival of a traveler to one’s island. Here at Oaga, we are all about feeling and being in the moment, through hospitality that feels authentic and close to home.


Veyoge Gallery Pool Villa

“As Khalid swam through the moonlit stream, he could hear the waters whisper hope in his ear. In a dimly lit hut Sitti awaited him, where the shadows of their clandestine affair cast onto the walls… A sanctuary where it mattered not what fate awaited them in the outside world.”

Inspired by the Maldivian folklore of star-crossed lovers ‘Khalid and Sitti’, this garden villa in the Maldives is designed to make you feel stimulated and safe, enhanced by the invisible mirrored exterior that recalls the secrecy of the lovers’ affair. Some say that they jumped into a lake and became mystical creatures, never to be separated from each other again. With this magical tale, we invite you to live your romantic Maldivian resort dream here at Oaga Art Resort.
  • Veyoge Gallery Pool Villas
  • Veyoge Gallery Pool Villas
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Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool

“…One ill-fated noon in the dancing shadows of the sun, the lovers fleeing, separated for a few moments. These moments became forever when to the vast sea they plunged as an escape.. an ode’ to all the lovers for whom the night’s dream is spun…”

A modernistic A-frame with angling roofs and a high-ceiling. Past the door, we invite you to dive into one of the most dear stories depicting star-crossed lovers in the history of Maldives — Dhon Hiyala aa’i Alifulhu — as told by our grandparents and their parents before them. With the most romantic story, these beachfront villas make Oaga Art Resort one of the best resorts in Maldives for a honeymoon.
  • Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool
  • Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool
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Bodu Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool

Your beach escape overlooking the sunrise, a tale of lore awaits
  • Bodu Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool
  • Bodu Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool
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Odi Water Villa with Private Pool

Chapter 4, coming soon...
  • Odi Water Villa with Private Pool
  • Odi Water Villa with Private Pool
  • Odi Water Villa with Private Pool
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Sobi Bar
A curated collection of artisan beers and gin from around the world.

“It’s crisp, it’s fresh — the perfect place for some chill… a little bit of love, a little bit of me time. With every new spin of the vinyl serenading the surrounding, she felt reconnected and more alive. It was bliss.”

This beach bar situated at the corner of our island is the ideal place to spend a tropical afternoon or evening for some chit-chat, to explore your creativity, or even take some time for self-reflection. Take a dip in the pool or the surrounding shores, the choice is yours. You can also find our library of old school vinyls at this bar – do give it a try!
Raa Baa
“Raa, raa, raaveriyaa, koba koba raaveriyaa, alhaa alhaa, furaa alhaa, majaa nagaa raa baa! There was music, there was laughter; they could feel their emotions and auras being lifted with the crowd. It was the perfect setting for merry and relaxation.”

With a simple snack food menu available, we recommend you to spend an entire day here just lounging or playing games or dipping in the main pool. The choice is yours.
A theatrical dining, designed to bring together fusional, seasonal flavours and performance art.

“As the sun sets let the merry come alive, swaying with them legends from the past. The table was set. Moving curiously through time, the evening’s spell-binding story unfolded before them in an ambient crescendo, and every melting morsal was harmoniously divine in complement.”

A first in the Maldives, our specialty restaurant weaves together interactive literature with your fine dining experience, currently opening with the folk tales of the Maldives. Journey through Chef Zuzu’s five course meal which tells age old tales of lore depicting star-crossed lovers or mythical beasts. The restaurant is located in the furthest corner of the island and is reminiscent of the intimacy offered by a traditional Fann’ge, a hut with palm thatchings. Through fine art and movement, we hope to bring you a culinary experience you can cherish for life.
Kaa Kada
“Clank the pots, beat the pans, the chefs are calling, the feast is ready… Perched across from the vibrant stalls while salivating at the aroma and sights of the night’s treats, she patiently waited for that which was destined for her tastebuds…”

The heart of our gastronomical journey — food stalls featuring select global cuisines and specialties ranging from Asian, Seafood, Mixed Grill, Pastas, Pizzas and more. Kaa Kada (Dhivehi) loosely translates to “Food Stalls”. Our main restaurant takes inspiration from the ultimate comfort of food served on a busy street. Those small unassuming stalls, the taste of which you can always count on to hit home without fail. Watch the chefs behind the counter as they prepare the a la carte’ meals. Enjoy it in a humble and cosy island setting.


Facilities and Activities

Hoba Spa
Hoba is an ancient Dhivehi word meaning kindness or balance.

With its unique community healing vibe, Hoba Spa is a space of wellbeing where you can feel the simplicity, warmth and energy of the island lifestyle. Our journeys slowly bring transformation, re-connection and balance to body, mind and soul through the ancient knowledge of the Maldivian medicinal traditions, known as Dhivehi Beys.

Inspired by the local natural beauty, Hoba Spa combines time-tested ancestral traditions and healing practices of the Maldives together with modern elementsto deliver experiences that satisfy all intentions and desires, restoring equilibrium, enhancing natural beauty, and revitalizing the vital essence within.
A hearty picnic basket, ready to go wherever your adventure awaits You savour every bite, taking in the scenery and letting the tranquility of the Maldives wash over you.

This private picnic set-up is a popular option for couples and families looking for a relaxed, romantic and scenic way to enjoy a delicious meal in the great outdoors. Our resort’s chefs will prepare a delicious picnic basket filled with a range of sweet and savoury treats, which you can enjoy in a secluded spot surrounded by lush tropical foliage and pristine beaches. The tranquil setting, combined with delicious food and drinks, creates a perfect backdrop for a picture perfect memory in the tropics of the Maldives.
Explore our vibrant waters and discover a kaleidoscope of colours under the sea Dip into the underwater world, dive into the crystal-clear waters and feel the rush of the wind and waves.

Are you ready for that adrenaline rush? Step into the vision of an adventure at our Kraken Tours Water Sports Centre. Choose to feel true exhilaration from our array of activities that include motorised water sports, trips to adjacent islands and non-motorised water sports activities. For the active holiday seekers, Oaga Art Resort offers the best scuba diving spots, snorkeling adventures to many things to do in the warm waters of the Maldives.
Explore the opportunity to learn a new musical instrument or improve your existing skills. At Oaga Art Resort, you can choose from a range of lessons led by experienced instructors who will guide you through the learning process and help develop your musical skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, our music lessons experience is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of music and create unforgettable memories. So come and make beautiful music in the tropical paradise of the Maldives.
Creative Expression (Art)
Choose from a range of workshops and classes led by experienced instructors at Suvāsthi Retail & Art Gallery who will guide you through the creative process and help bring your artistic vision to life. Whether you are a seasoned artist or simply looking to try something new, our creative expression experience is the perfect way to unwind and unleash your imagination in a tropical setting. So come and express your creativity amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the Maldives.

Getting There

Oaga Art Resort is found in North Malé Atoll and is 45 minutes via speedboat from Velana International Airport.