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Huvafen Fushi Maldives
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From the underwater spa to the LED-lit swimming pool, sophisticated aesthetics define Huvafenfushi. Over the years it has established itself as the epitome of cool and a trailblazer amongst the Maldives’ luxury resorts. The trendy accommodation offers imaginative features such as glass floors in the ocean bungalows which allow you to watch fish glide beneath your feet. Let the restaurants entice you with their inspiring menus, including a speciality ‘raw’ cuisine restaurant. Impeccable service and a vast wine list consolidate Huvafenfushi’s outstanding reputation.


Three Bedroom Beach Pavilion with Pool

Avant-garde design. A private slice of beach. An elevated master bedroom with glass floors – your view to an illuminated infinity pool and tranquil lagoon. A graceful staircase descends to an outer oasis. An open-air rain shower in your own private garden, an oversized bath to sink into.

A second bedroom on the ground floor opens to a scintillating sunbathed deck. The cool living area – a perfect retreat. A plasma TV and entertainment centre. Floor-to-ceiling windows gaze upon hues of aqua and deep ocean blue.
  • 3Bedroom Beach Pavilion with Pool
  • 3Bedroom Beach Pavilion with Pool
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Two Bedroom Beach House with Pool

The large living space and master give way to open-plan social spaces, creating a private beachfront sanctuary nestled. The pool sparkles with a sunlit hue. A sizzling barbeque brings guests together. A truly pampered retreat, free from the constraints of time. Every comfort provided; every moment a true gem. Dive into underwater bliss. Invent new traditions with loved ones while basking in sunlight. The Maldives are yours.
  • 2Bedroom Beach House with Pool
  • 2Bedroom Beach House with Pool
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Deluxe Beach Bungalow with Pool

Cocooned in your own calming space, the horizon expands before your private courtyard. A vivid seascape draws your eye. You stretch out on your sun lounger, gazing along the horizon from your private deck. Blue skies blend into turquoise sea. Nature merges seamlessly with the villa’s elegant design.

A freshwater infinity pool awaits at your private terrace. Another is sequestered away with the private bath. Plush furnishings abound. Total relaxation is yours.
  • Deluxe Beach Bungalow with Pool
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Lagoon Bungalow with Pool

Serene waters. The lagoon shimmers, glistens. Beckons with its cooling embrace. From your private deck, panoramas of the Indian Ocean expand in all directions. The tantalising world of Huvafen Fushi is yours to explore. For now, utter contentment as you ease into your plunge pool, letting each seductive moment wash over you. You’ve immersed yourself in the Maldives.

Your own private sanctuary with every amenity imaginable. Facing east, you welcome the early morning sun. Awaken your senses. Revel in the rhythms of your Maldivian retreat. This day has only just begun.
  • Lagoon Bungalow with Pool
  • Lagoon Bungalow with Pool
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Ocean Bungalow with Pool

The vast Indian Ocean expands before this bungalow. A three-tiered deck, an unrivalled view. You can take it all in from your infinity pool, from your living spaces, from the sinuous hold of your daybed.

Inside, a window to an underwater world. Peer through the glass floor to myriad tropical fish, vibrant splashes, colour untold. A state-of-the-art theatre system to engage and excite. An oversized Jacuzzi, a bottle of bubbles, glasses clinking into the night.
  • Ocean Bungalow with Pool
  • Ocean Bungalow with Pool
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Two Bedroom Ocean Pavilion with Pool

Bold design. Two-bedroom pavilions centre on a freshwater swimming pool. Its infinity edge mimics the horizon. Yawns along with the vast Indian Ocean. The pool spans indoor and outdoor spaces, stretching from the private deck to the living room. Both shaded and exposed. An outdoor Jacuzzi illuminated with fibre-optic lights also perches on the deck.

This 330sqm pool residence is a private palace. Bedrooms with balconies and views of the turquoise sea. A library stocked with the New York Times bestsellers. Every indulgent amenity, every wish answered by Huvafen Fushi.
  • 2Bedroom Ocean Pavilion with Pool
  • 2Bedroom Ocean Pavilion with Pool
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Admire the sunrise by luxury Dhoni sailing into Indian Ocean. Start your day with an unforgettable experience aboard this traditional handcrafted vessel, complete with your very own captain and crew. Pop open champagne and enjoy a delicious breakfast as you drift on the ocean blue. Indulge in a sumptuous morning while you take in the mesmerizing surroundings.
Enjoy a delectable Middle Eastern dinner, complete with the dream-like ambience of dining on the soft-powdered sand beach and personalised service that perfects every detail.
Walk out to your own rock island and dine at a table set for two. An exclusively designed menu paired with the perfect wines. Out on the edge of the ocean reef, surrounded by flickering torches. This is Huvafen Fushi’s must-have.
Set sail just before sunset and catch the last rays of sun blanketing the horizon. Enjoy an unforgettable four-course dinner on your own private islet, with only the sounds of the waves and gentle sea breeze surrounding you.
Huvafen Fushi’s signature restaurant entices the senses. Discover Japanese dining with a Latin influence in a relaxed Izakaya-style dining, poised overwater. Uncover the epicurean secrets of Salt as the sun dips below the horizon. A dinnertime must.

Incredible dishes shared over serene waters. Salt infuses the Japanese gastropub concept with Latin inspiration. Each dish is prepared using the finest quality ingredients. Simple yet exquisite presentation, in true Huvafen Fushi style.
Relax at a sand-carved, candle-lit table beneath a blanket of stars and enjoy an imaginative dinner, thoughtfully curated by your private chefs.
A grove of coconut trees sighs overhead. A patchwork quilt of shade caressing skin. A wood-fired oven crackles and the flicker of firelight warms the cheeks. As a hand-made pizza crust rises, crisps. The aroma is irresistible. Forno gives you an array of contemporary Napolitano cuisine in a casual beachside setting. Italian indulgence by the Indian Ocean. Artisanal pizzas, handmade pastas, imaginative fusion. From daily lunches to themed dinners on select evenings. Bars raised for restaurants in Maldives.
Waves lap the shore, tickling your feet. Oversized cushions on a white-sand beach. The sweet, seductive fragrance of shisha wafts in the breeze. A moment beyond imagination. Chalky tendrils of smoke writhe overhead. Sultry jazz notes in your ear. The staccato rhythms of a cocktail shaker. UMBar’s handcrafted cocktails, savoury snacks, effortless indulgence.
Eight metres below the surface. Sink into the island’s depths. A treasure trove of rare vintages, hidden gems. By the thousands. Vinum is the Maldives’ first underground wine cellar. A seductive secret that draws you in. Degustation menus. Wine Flights. All in an evocative, intimate space under suspended art installations. As vivid as a waking dream.
Cosy café, adorned in rich woods and warm hues, offers innovative organic fare that captivates with the freshest ingredients and unadulterated flavours –just as nature intended.
Early morning, a breeze stirs. The aroma of fresh-ground Arabica wafts across the deck. Awakens your senses. Breakfast gives way to languorous afternoons, lounging at a seaside table with sand between your toes. In the evening, ocean winds. Piquant curries. Succulent oysters. The cool, red centre of a Wagyu sirloin served rare. Celsius tantalises the palate with a selection of flavours throughout the day.


Facilities and Activities

An ethereal realm of water, serenity washing over every space. Surreal as a receding dream, like fleeting moments before dawn. You enter the world’s first underwater spa in Maldives. Let Huvafen Spa wrap you in healing arms, soothed by healing hands, ensconced in luxury.
Bounce across the waves with family and friends on an inflatable fun tube. Refreshing ocean spray cools as you weave through the lagoon at high speed. For a bit of fun, see who stay no the tube the longest.
The thrill of skimming across the seas. Cut through waves at exhilarating speed behind the high-powered speedboat, ‘Dash’. For those who know the ropes, flips and tricks are possible. But excitement is on the agenda for all who partake.
An enthralling diving adventure for the curious beginner. Ensconced in crystal-clear seas. Marvel at shoals of fish. Glide effortlessly past intricate coral shelves. Immersed in the enchanted marine world at enveloping Huvafen Fushi’s house reef. All under the watchful eye of your PADI dive instructor. No experience necessary.

Getting There

Huvafen Fushi is a luxurious resort located in the North Malé Atoll in the Maldives. It is a 30-minute speedboat ride from Male International Airport.