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Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives
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As a true nature lover, Seaside Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives feels more like a paradise than a workplace to me. Nothing can get close to pure bliss with the white sand beaches, the turquoise waters, the year-round sunshine and the colourful marine life surrounding Baa Atoll, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. I am very fortunate to be working with an amazing team. My passion for cultures and people development inspires me to bring out the best in each of them, as we take Seaside Finolhu to even greater heights – striving to deliver the very best of authentic luxury. My team and I are committed and dedicated to make your holiday like no other, as we create unrivalled guest experiences by bringing a playful twist on luxury.


Lagoon Villa

The 145sqm Bohemian inspired overwater lagoon view villas come with direct access to the ocean and feature unique furniture designslike crystal chandeliers retro cain seating and marshall speakers. Enjoy the 40 inch flat screen TV's private wine & mini bar, a large outdoor sundeck with loungers and outdoor showers, a separate bathroom with ocean view bathtub & indoor showers while overlooking the breathtaking Finolhu lagoon and 1,8 km long sandbank.
  • Lagoon Villa
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Ocean Pool Villa

The 180sqm overwater villas inspired by the vibrant colours of the French Riviera, offer direct access to the ocean and feature a freshwater pool (6m) as well as uniquely designed furniture pieces with large luxury rocking chairs and an outdoor daybed on a private sundeck. Enjoy the 40 inch flat screen TV's private wine & mini bar, a large outdoor sundeck with loungers and outdoor showers, a separate bathroom with ocean view bathtub & indoor showers while overlooking the breathtaking Finolhu lagoon and 1,8 km long sandbank.
  • Ocean Pool Villa
  • Ocean Pool Villa
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Beach Pool Villa

Tucked away in lavish tropical gardens and featuring private beach access to the turquoise Finolhu lagoon as well as a spacious outdoor dining terrace, a large freshwater pool with sun loungers and garden, the 205sqm moorish inspired Beach Villas also come with 40 inch flat screen TV's, a private wine & mini bar, detailed and unique furniture designs, separate bathroom with bathtub and indoor and outdoor showers.
  • Beach Pool Villa
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Beach Villa

Tucked away in lavish tropical gardens featuring private beach access to the turquoise Finolhu lagoon and a spacious outdoor dining terrace with sun loungers and garden, the 205sqm moorish Beach Villas also come with 40 inch flat screen TV's, a private wine & mini bar, detailed and unique furniture designs, a separate bathroom with bathtub and indoor and outdoor showers.
  • Beach Villa
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Private Pool Villa

The secret of life is to take everything a little easier. Here you’ll come a little closer to discovering the secret – and do so barefoot! With its 205 m² / 2206 f² of living space your villa has its own tropical garden, sun loungers on the beach, its own pool between the terrace and the sea and a movie-style outdoor bathroom. After a holiday in this Maldives private villa you’ll feel as light as an ocean breeze.
  • Private Pool Villa
  • Private Pool Villa
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Two Bedroom Water Villa With Pool

It’s like being on a yacht that doesn’t sway. Joy that doesn’t end. A stay that couldn’t be more heavenly at Finolhu Maldives pool villa. This sums up your holiday by the sea on 460 m² / 4951 f² of living space. In addition to an enormous sun deck, these villas also have a pool with a length of eight metres, king-size beds in the two main bedrooms and two luxurious bathrooms. Wi-fi connects you to the outside world so you can also amaze your friends on social media.
  • 2Bedroom Water Villa with Pool
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Two Bedroom Beach Pool Villa

Ideal for beach lovers, families or friends travelling together, the 530 sqm Two Bedroom Beach Pool Villa's are overlooking the gorgeous sunset side of Finolhu and come with their very own private garden and 10 m sized pool. With white washed chice inspired interior design and 2 master bedrooms, the spacious villas also come with a private dining lounge, 40 inch flat screen TV's, a private wine & mini bar, separate bathroom with bathtub and indoor and outdoor showers.
  • 2Bedroom Beach Pool Villa
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Two Bedroom Rockstar Ocean Pool Villa

These Maldives luxury villas are reminiscent of a quote from Oscar Wilde, the rock star among writers: “One should give in to temptations. Who knows if they will come again.” Our Rockstar villa is perhaps the most beautiful temptation in the Maldives. It’s located at the very end of the jetty and, as you might suspect, everything here is a little larger than life. 460 m² of living area. Two spacious master bedrooms. An 8-metre long pool, infinity of course. Your own wine bar. Bathrooms with tub and outside showers, a 40 inch flatscreen TV and much, much more. And of course the sea, as far as the eye can reach. Ideal for families and friends.
  • 2Bedroom Rockstar Ocean Pool Villa
  • 2Bedroom Rockstar Ocean Pool Villa
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It’s quite possible that you will be treated to a free show while you’re enjoying your breakfast, for example, when a group of dolphins leap playfully out of the water right in front of your eyes. At Beach Kitchen, you have a front-row seat with a view over the sea or right next to the pool. Quite aside from the great views, Beach Kitchen is the culinary center of Finolhu. In the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening, local and international dishes are freshly prepared. Available at various buffet sections, the wide selection of dishes caters to the tastes and preferences of diners as varied and discerning as vegans, vegetarians, and fish or meat lovers. Each evening, our chef de cuisine and his team serve culinary specialities from different regions of the world: Asian, Maldivian, Italian, Seafood and more.
Finolhu’s fine dining restaurant is the award-winning Kanusan. Located on stilts and surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the restaurant is accessible via a short wooden walkway. With its own sushi area as well as an aperitif bar, Kanusan is famous for its classical and modern Japanese cuisine. Would you like to try a taste? How about Salmon Yuan Yaki, a mouth-watering dish of grilled salmon with puree of daikon, citrus fruits and Parmesan? Atmospherically designed with dimmed lights and an ocean breeze, Kanusan is an enchanting place where romance is always in the air, whether that means a first date, an anniversary or even a proposal.
Arabian Grill
Step into the Arabian Grill, and let our chefs take you on a culinary adventure across North Africa and the Middle East. A sensual festival for the ears, the nose, the eyes and, of course, the palate awaits you. When the sound of fresh fish sizzling on the table mixes with the gentle lapping of ocean waves; when the alluring aromas of exotic spices such as cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon and turmeric unfold an olfactory feeling of anticipation; when mezze plates of fish, meat and vegetables serve up a feast for the eyes; and when a tajine with lime, apricots and walnuts or perhaps the best hummus outside of Tunisia and Morocco treat you to a taste sensation; then your culinary journey has arrived at its destination – the Arabian Grill.
Crab Shack
Every day should include a little time for daydreaming. Whether you take a 20-minute leisurely stroll across the sandbank or a 5-minute ride in our traditional wooden boat, you’ll find yourself drifting into your very own island dream. With its wooden planks and palm tree thatch roof, the Crab Shack oozes rustic charm. Gazing dreamily out across the lagoon while enjoying mango papaya salad, piri-piri chicken and a glass of chilled rosé wine with your feet in the sand is the stuff that daydreams are made of! And when the sun sets, parties on the beach at Crab Shack bring dreams of Ibiza and Mykonos wafting through the night.
Beach Club
This is where the action takes place after the sun sets. If you want to enjoy your evening on the beach listening to casual music and sipping on exotic cocktails, then this is the right place for you. The Beach Club is the heart of the resort. It gives Finolhu a distinctive character that sets it apart from the other resorts in the Maldives. Dance barefoot in the sand to the beats of the best DJs or look out to the horizon from the upper deck while enjoying a shisha. This is where you’ll find your “happiness”. And if you want somewhere to relax and read in peace and comfort during the day, head up to the air-conditioned library in the upper part of the bar. Food and drinks are also available there.
Milk LAB
Wherever your path may lead you on Finolhu, you will always pass the Milk LAB. And this is insanely convenient. A shake after your tennis match. A protein drink after your workout. An espresso in between. Or just a juice to cool you down for a moment! Our milk bar tender is waiting to serve you! And here you can also buy the little things that make your great holiday pleasures safer, from sunscreen to souvenirs.


Facilities and Activities

Life gets too busy every single day. However, I make it a point to pause, and keep my mental, emotional, and physical condition stable. With a regular dose of meditation, deep breathing exercises, and yoga practices in a peaceful environment surrounded by lush gardens, the soothing sound of the waves, and the warm connection of people help me reduce my worries and anxiety. You don’t need to be an expert or wellness savvy to achieve this. My team and I at Fehi Spa are committed to providing you with a journey that will help you achieve your health, wellness, and relaxation goals during your holidays with Finolhu.
Water skiing and jet skiing – the ideal combination of glamour and action. It’s no coincidence that they feature in so many scenes in the movies – for example the unforgettable Roger Moore, who shot over the water with a jet ski as James Bond in “The Spy who Loved Me”. In Finolhu we have a wide range of motorised water sports for glamour, action and that special adrenalin kick. Here you can shoot up into the air with an X-Jet Blade, go out on a speedboat tour with Captain or simply cut a stylish figure while you water ski. Whatever you do – it’s tremendous fun!

* Jet Ski
* Jet Ski Excursion with Guide
* X-Jet-Blade
* Wakeboard, Kneeboard & Water Ski
* Speedboat with Captain
* Seabob
* Banana & Tube Rides
* Surf´s Up!
* Parasailing
Life under water is more touchy-feely than you might think. Did you know that fish can hum, whistle, rumble, chirp, squeak, purr and grunt? That a shark’s sense of smell is about ten thousand times sharper than that of a human being? That dorados, as marine biologists found out, develop an increased appetite when they listen to music by Mozart? That rays enjoy being touched? During our trips you will not only get to see a lot, but also learn a great deal about the underwater world. Baa Atoll is the world’s greatest hotspot for manta rays. From May to November dozens of them come to Hanifaru Bay, only 30 minutes away by speedboat. And those who dive with them will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.
In the morning or at sunset it’s a great moment when you take your diving goggles and flippers (guests can rent the equipment for free) and plunge into the water. Perhaps you’ll be reminded of the first time you ever stood in front of an aquarium as a child and couldn’t believe that fish can be so colourful and varied. This is what our local reef is like but on a much larger scale, and you can reach it from your villa with just a few flicks of your flippers. And those who want the big tour can go snorkelling out to sea with the team. And continue to marvel – for example when a giant turtle rises like a UFO in front of your very eyes.
American tennis player Venus Williams once said: “In tennis, if you don’t train for two weeks or even just three days, you can quickly lose your rhythm”. In Finolhu you’ll keep your rhythm. And play in dreamlike surroundings on a court which is lined with tropical green.

You can train with our coach or enjoy a game with friends or family, and our tennis retreats with world-class players like Sascha Zveres and Dominika Cibulková are very special.
Do you like it indoors or out? Finolhu has both indoor and outdoor gym areas with all the latest equipment. Begin your fitness journey by meeting with our resident fitness instructor who will provide expert fitness and wellness advice and give you the lowdown on how best to achieve your fitness goals.
Build on your creativity and join our in-house artist in different arts and crafts classes. From painting to tie-dye t-shirt making, pottery, signature activities and all that jazz, the Art Studio is a place to let the imaginative and inventive juices flow.
Here in Finolhu kids are simply referred to as “Oceaneers”. Their Maldives kids club is a world that enchants and encourages creativity – in playing, cooking and baking and of course duringguided excursions on and below the water. At the Oceaneers Club well-trained staff are available for teenagers and toddlers from morning till night. Parents know that their children will be well looked after here for a few hours, and can spend some relaxing time on their own without worries.

Getting There

Location. Distance: 20 to 30 minutes by speedboat from Velana Int. Airport. Atoll: Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives.