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Baros Maldives Resort & Spa
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A chain of water villas extend over the ocean from a small, lush teardrop-shaped island. The allure of the boutique resort of Baros has been winning over travellers for years. With tropical foliage and a secluded location, it has everything you’d hope for when you picture paradise. The resort also offers contemporary cuisine at a range of dining venues, a beautiful garden spa, reams of diving and water-sports activities and an extensive choice of excursions including private yacht cruises.


The turquoise of your plunge pool blends with the blues of our lagoon. Behind the daybed on your sun-soaked veranda, a stairway descends to crystal-clear waters, the house reef ready and waiting for exploration. Life at Baros is glorious, outside and in. You will find every comfort in your private cocoon over the water – rich teak floors, comfortable furniture and luxurious bedding, a library of books and indoor games, and every modern convenience. Your tropical overwater haven gives you the perfect balance of privacy and access.
  • Water Pool Villa
  • Water Pool Villa
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A winding pathway through the lush foliage leads to these exclusive Suites, which feature wooden floors and high ceilings in a traditional Maldivian concept. At the foot of the king-size bed is an ottoman concealing a television screen while on one side there is a work desk and on the other, a cosy reading nook. In the adjoining lounge, there is a 55” television with access to movies and Internet and a sublimely cosy sofa for relaxation. Sliding glass doors open on to an expansive wooden deck ideal for sunbathing or private dining under the stars beside 19ft x 10ft swimming pool (which has a hot and cold Jacuzzi) adorned with fibre optic lights for a magical ambience in the evening.
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A private beach garden, a shaded pool beneath tropical trees – Baros Pool Villas provide peaceful repose within steps of the lagoon. On your deck you've got a canopied daybed and sun loungers, where days can be spent bathed in ocean views. White sands, turquoise waters and the wonders of the house reef are just metres away. Inside, spaces that envelope with effortless charm – a comfortable bed, rich wooden furnishings and bespoke Baros amenities.
  • Baros Pool Villa
  • Baros Pool Villa
  • Baros Pool Villa
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20 Water Villas (92 sqm) The Water Villas, reached by a wooden jetty, are a short stroll from the northwest tip of the island’s beach, with endless views of the ocean and horizon. Each one of them is intimately exclusive providing the perfect, private escape and an enviable place to stay in some of the most desirable Maldives Water Villas. There is an ambience of being cocooned in comfort with a breathtaking view of the broad expanse of the lagoon from the Villa’s secluded sundeck.
  • Water Villa
  • Water Villa
  • Water Villa
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Baros is one of the top resorts in the Maldives, tucked away in a natural jungle, leaves rustling overhead, sounds of the sea and splashing waves. Baros has some of the best beach villas in the Maldives, where you can enjoy ocean views from the cooling shade of your beachside deck. On the sand, private sun loungers and a thatched parasol let you while away your days in comfort, with the blue waters of the lagoon just a few short steps away. Inside, retreat to warmly cosy furnishings, rich timber hues and every amenity under the sun.
  • Baros Villa
  • Baros Villa
  • Baros Villa
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Dotted along the shorefront, dappled in the shade, Deluxe Villas shelter you beneath the natural jungle canopy that defines Baros. Enjoy lazy days on your beachfront deck, or wade into the lagoon and explore our teeming house reef. Retreat inside to a cosy space of rich woods and warm hues, with a king-sized bed that provides the deepest sleep. Out back, you've got a tropical garden and exotic open-air bathroom all of your own, complete with sun loungers, a deep free-standing tub and an outdoor shower, so you can bathe under the heavens, surrounded by tropical trees.
  • Deluxe Villa
  • Deluxe Villa
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The Lighthouse Lounge
A kaleidoscope of colour greets you on the deck. Sea and sky meet on a horizon of bewitching beauty. While you relax in the shade of The Lighthouse's iconic canvas roof you can enjoy the best sunset views on the island as you're served in signature Baros style.

You'll want to come here at least once during your stay with us. By day you will glimpse schools of fish glinting in the lagoon below. Then celebrate the evenings caressed by gentle breezes and the mellow rhythm of a live band. All accompanied by the finest wines, cocktails and canapés.
Lime Restaurant
Another day begins under the brilliant Baros sky, as Lime Restaurant starts you off deliciously with an indulgent buffet breakfast. Chilled Champagne, succulent seafood, Maldivian curries, Asian plates and classic cooked breakfasts begin your day as decadently or as wholesomely as you please. Sit inside in Lime’s cool interior or take your place outside on the deck for views across the lagoon.

For lunch, try a hearty highlight like the massaman tuna, or choose from curries, snacks, salads, pizzas and sandwiches for something in-between. In the evening enjoy international and Maldivian cuisine served against the backdrop of an enchanting Baros sunset.
The Lighthouse Restaurant
An icon in the Maldives, The Lighthouse Restaurant rises over the lagoon, its towering white sail a beacon on the seas.

Reserve your table under the stars for an unforgettable dining experience, perched over the water, with views that reach to the twinkling horizon. Enjoy the most succulent local seafood, tender steaks and modern classics infused with exotic flavour. For the ultimate in fine dining, have our resident sommelier recommend the perfect wines for your meal.

Intimate and magical, The Lighthouse at Baros has become a legendary name in the Maldives. You’ll return again and again, both for the delectable cuisine and the breathtaking views over the Baros seas.
Cayenne Grill
Intimate dining over the lagoon, the aroma of spice drifting through the night – Cayenne Grill offers al fresco à la carte dining with a hint of Indian flavour.

Order from a selection of the finest cuts and freshest seafood, grilled to your preferences. Perfectly marbled wagyu beef and young New Zealand lamb accompany a succulent selection of fresh lobster, prawns, crab and fish.

Cayenne Grill celebrates the grilling traditions of the world, accompanied by premium wines from across the globe.
Although Baros Maldives is isolated in the Indian Ocean, it is well-known as one of the ultimate Maldives islands for Luxury Dining. At Baros Maldives, guests are not limited to standard menus and meal times. There are several culinary experiences to enjoy both on and off shore for a romantic dining interlude.
Amble along a sandy trail to Sails Bar for drinks or snacks in an intimate and peaceful place. Sway in a hammock as the lagoon sparkles beyond the trees, or relax in a lounger as smooth music melts into the starlit sky.

A gentle evening breeze rustles palm fronds overhead. A million grains of sand feel soft underfoot. Your steward brings you an ice-cold cocktail, the perfect toast to another entrancing day at Baros.


Facilities and Activities

The Spa
A haven of relaxation, a sanctuary hidden in the trees – Serenity Spa invites you into a world of indulgent spa and beauty rituals. You can come here to escape for a few hours, or craft a personalised journey of wellness with a series of daily treatments. Everything here is designed to help you restore your balance and find your calm, from daily yoga sessions to therapeutic massage. For something beyond the ordinary, request a yoga session anywhere on the island, or enjoy a pampering treatment in the seclusion of your comfortable villa.

Serenity Spa features:
Four private spa suites for couple treatments
Two changing rooms, toilet and steam bath in every private suite
Relaxation area outside every private suite – rainfall shower, bathtub in a tropical garden
Manicure and pedicure suite
Spa Boutique
Reception and lounge
Relaxation sala
Air-conditioned Yoga Pavilion
Thai sala
Water Sports
For the energetic or simply curious water sports in the Maldives are a wonderful way to shed cares and enjoy nature’s beauty and bounty. At Baros Maldives the facilities are designed for guest convenience. From a leisurely paddle in a glass bottom canoe or the excitement of windsurfing, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Water Sports Centre.

Bladefish 7000 Seajet
We have introduced a new way for snorkellers and swimmers to explore the waters around Baros Maldives without any effort. The Seajet water scooter glides under its own power over the House Reef with a max. speed of 6.5 kmh. The sea scooter will pull you along calm lagoon’s, surface or take you under the water through graceful turns, loops and giving a new twist and adding fun to traditional snorkelling.

Pedaling Kayak
This double seated kayak is different from most other kayaks; it has two methods of propulsion. One is the traditional paddling. The second method is using a unique, fully adjustable, pedaling system. The pedals are alternately pushed back and forth with the feet and legs. With this movement the Penguin shaped flippers underneath the kayak makes a sweeping motion that drives the kayak forwards. The movement is swift and silent. Hands and arms can be at rest allowing you to go further and with less effort to get the most out of your experience.

Clear Bottom Kayak
The Caribe is half sit-on-top kayak, half canoe The crystal clear hull of the Caribe provides a window to the underwater world. Based on hull shape it has a remarkable tracking ability and it is very stable.

The Molokini canoe is a thrilling way to discover marine life without actually snorkelling, as guests can view the ocean´s floor, reefs and fish through its transparent bottom and sides.

The warm water and crystal clear blue lagoon provide a perfect environment for windsurfing, suiting the novice and expert alike.

Waterski & Wakeboard
These exciting activities are permitted only beyond the lagoon.
A resident Marine Biologist runs the Marine Centre as an information point where guests can learn all about the marine world as well participate in professionally guided snorkelling excursions. Our goal is to raise awareness and help protect the precious marine environment for future generations.

The Marine Centre organises some of the best marine excursions in the Maldives which are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced snorkelers. Coral Gardening workshops are held under a programme enabling guests to learn the propagation process of coral regeneration and to play a part in conserving the reefs surrounding Baros Maldives. Environment awareness programmes and marine life presentations are also conducted by the resident Marine Biologist. Besides being a source of information for our guests, the Marine Centre conducts reef cleaning events, participates in environmental initiatives and is in charge of raising awareness among our island staff as well.
Snorkelling in Maldives is wonderful throughout the islands but nowhere matches the convenience and beauty to be enjoyed at Baros Maldives. This romantic, luxury Maldives resort is renowned for its spectacular house reef so close to the shore that can be explored by beginners as well as experts. For guests who want to be more adventurous, there are several opportunities that are conducted by our Marine Centre team:

House Reef Tour
This tour will begin in the Marine Centre with a relaxed 20-minute class about marine organism that are expected to be seen. Our Marine Biologist will show you the best spots around the island, take photos of you during snorkelling and will give you the opportunity to ask questions before, during and after the snorkel. Since we have a strict "do not touch"- policy on the island, this is your only chance to touch a few selected marine species under the supervision of a professional.

Snorkelling Safari
If you have already explored all the little corners, the nooks and crannies of the stunning house reef at Baros Maldives, it is time to join a Snorkelling Safari by boat and discover two more reefs with our Marine Biologist. Isolated reefs with cliffs and caves for animals to feed and live in are perfect spots for snorkellers to peep into this hidden fascinating world. Our Marine biologist will take photos of you during snorkelling.

Night Snorkelling
Have you ever wondered what happens in the reef when the sun sets? Nocturnal creatures come out of their hiding places and make the reef their own for the night. Witness plankton glowing in the dark, a phenomenon called bioluminescence, which you can only experience during a night snorkelling trip. Armed with a powerful underwater flashlight, let yourself be amazed at how intense the reef becomes at night. Our house reef is the perfect setting for a night snorkel tour; it is sheltered and thus makes it a delightful and safe experience.
Private Snorkelling Lessons for beginners
Within just an hour in the water, beginners will learn the basics of snorkelling and will be taken out on our house reef in the safety of our Marine Centre team.

Coral Gardening Workshop
After a relaxed 15-minutes class about the coral propagation process, snorkel out with our marine biologist to look for broken, but living coral fragments in the reef. You will learn how to attach corals to our underwater tables and every six months you will receive an update on the growth of your nubbins as they develop on the table and attract numerous fish. Read more about our Coral Rehabilitation Programme here.

Private Snorkelling Experiences
Individual, personalised snorkelling experiences on the house reef or by boat during day or night time can be arranged on request at the Marine Centre.

Getting There

In the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka. The Republic of the Maldives is an archipelago of about 1,190 coral islands southwest of India’s southern tip, some 670 km (416 miles) southwest of Sri Lanka. The islands are strung out in a chain, stretching 822 km (510 miles) from north to south across the Equator, and 130 km (80 miles) at the widest from west to east. Only 200 of them are inhabited with nearly 100 of the uninhabited islands turned into tourist resorts.

The total land area, if all the islands were one landmass, would amount to 298 square kilometres (115 square miles), about half the size of Singapore. In actual fact 99.9% of the Republic is sea. The islands are grouped in 26 natural atolls, ring-like coral formations enclosing a massive central lagoon, which gives the Maldives its unique paradise-like appearance.