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Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Resort
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Unspoilt beaches, splendid accommodation and an incredible house reef bursting with parrotfish, napoleon wrasse and reef sharks is calling you to experience Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. The award-winning resort offers excellent value for money and is an exotic wonderland for divers, snorkellers or simply anyone wanting to escape to a place of relaxation. Choose from a range of elegant tropical villas or slip into a kimono is one of the unique Japanese villas which were designed and furnished according the Japanese architectural concepts. Dine on a wooden deck over the turquoise waters, sip a cocktail on the sand; however you choose to spend your days there will always be plenty to entertain and delight you.

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Resort will not be accepting any children below 18 years old, as Vadoo concept is to make Vadoo an adult-only boutique resort, which will help the guests get maximum privacy.


With a glimpse of the far located city of Male, Sunrise Water Villas at Adaaran Presitge Vadoo holds a breathtaking view and surroundings where the gifts of Mother Nature are so pristine that one cannot feel but humbled by their timeless natural beauty.

Teak wooden floorboards with piles of feathery linen on a four poster king size bed, in a serene and tranquil Water Villa await you. The lounge area of your bathroom comes with a glass panel to watch the colourful fauna that swims beneath you. Perched atop the crystal clear waters surrounding the atoll, guests residing at our Water Villas will enjoy a private gateway to the vast, beckoning ocean that encompasses them.

Manta rays, stingrays, Napoleon wrasse, parrot fish and turtles swim the turquoise waters of the surrounding sea. The spacious outdoor deck of your water bungalow allows you to jump straight into the glistening clear waters of the ocean, any time of the day.
  • Sunrise Water Villa
  • Sunrise Water Villa
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Ocean as far as the eye can see, in a place where the heart beats to a different rhythm and your soul will find peace. Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is nestled amidst surroundings where the gifts of Mother Nature are so pristine that one cannot feel but humbled by their timeless natural beauty.

Teak wooden floorboards with piles of feathery linen on a four poster king size bed, in a serene and tranquil Water Villa await you. The lounge area of your bathroom comes with a glass panel to watch the colourful fauna that swims beneath you. Perched atop the crystal clear waters surrounding the atoll, guests residing at our Water Villas will enjoy a private gateway to the vast, beckoning ocean that encompasses them.

Manta rays, stingrays, Napoleon wrasse, parrot fish and turtles swim the turquoise waters of the surrounding sea. The spacious outdoor deck of your water bungalow allows you to jump straight into the glistening clear waters of the ocean, any time of the day.
  • Sunset Water Villa
  • Sunset Water Villa
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A sought after romantic holiday destination, the atolls of Maldives are constantly visited by those rejoicing in the magic and delight of love and thus is home to some spectacular Maldives Honeymoon Resorts. Among these Adaaran Prestige Vadoo offers intimate villas made especially for you and your loved one.

Celebrate your commitment to each other in style by staying at one of our elegant Maldives Honeymoon Villas. Arrive via chauffeured buggy while our dedicated staff help settle you into your romantic retreat for the duration of your holiday.

Enjoy chilled champagne as you watch the sunset, snuggle on the cosy king size bed or relax with your significant other in the luxuriant plunge pool. Indulge in the best of what our Maldives Honeymoon Villas offer.

Being among the finest Maldives Honeymoon Resorts our Honey Moon suites feature wooden floors and decor complimented by colourful tropical themed linens and traditional style thatched roofs for that traditional beach dwelling feel.

Dip your feet in the endlessly clear waters thanks to exclusive access to the beckoning seas via a private stairway. The accompanying sundeck and its lounge bed let you soak up the rays while sipping a chilled cocktail admiring the clear blue skies. In the night the deck transforms into a picture perfect venue for a romantic dining experience under the night sky illuminated by dazzling stars.
  • Honeymoon Villa
  • Honeymoon Villa
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Kandholi Bar
Set in the secluded waters just off the island, the Kandholi Bar is in close vicinity to the water villas and offers a captivating spot to enjoy a drink with friends or loved ones at hotel bars in Maldives. Featuring a three sided wooden deck looking out over the infinity of the Indian Ocean it makes for a mesmerising venue day or night.

Gaze longingly into the vastness of the ocean as you sip a refreshing cocktail under the clear night sky as the waters lap the fringes of the shore.

We have strived to ensure that wide arrays of prominent and select beverages are available as per your taste.
Dhoni Bar
This is the place to quench your thirst after soaking up the warm tropical sun or after more energetic activities at this Maldives dhoni bar. Sip a cup of freshly brewed tea at any time of day or enjoy a cocktail or our many juices and soft drinks to cool you down in the noon heat. Partake of light refreshment in between meals to stave off hunger pangs after lazing in the sun or in the warm azure waters.

Return later in the evening to watch the sky turn into shades of pink and orange and even red as the sun sinks low over the Indian Ocean. Relax with your special beverage and be at one with nature. Intermingle with other guests and meet new people, take an evening swim if your mood permits and make your mornings and evenings at the resort special.
Kithajima Restaurant
Adaraan Prestige Vadhoo is unique in the Maldives to offer a Japanese specialty restaurant. For those wishing a change of taste and scene you can try traditional Japanese meals ranging from fresh sushi to succulent tempura at the Kithajima restaurant.

Our staff have had many years of training and experience in the preparation of Japanese cuisine and will endeavour to prepare your selections to suit your preferences. Traditional Japanese favourites ranging from edamame and spring rolls to sushi, tempura and sashimi served with specially made sauces and accompaniments are just some of the dishes on offer to satisfy your cravings.

Only the freshest of seasonal sea food and best ingredients are used in the preparation of the dishes. Many Japanese beers and Sake is available to enhance the dining experience.

The restaurants decor boasts a fusion of both modern and traditional design elements, creating an intimate setting for a lavish dining experience.
Farivalhu Restaurant
Discover a riveting fine dining experience that will expose your taste buds to a multitude of enticing flavours from Asian specialities to ingenious fusion creations.

Enjoy the freshest seafood delivered everyday from the waters around the atoll. Savour sumptuous lobster or succulent fish delicacies prepared to perfection under the guidance of our experienced culinary team.

Sink in to the plush, warm setting of the restaurant with scenic views over the ocean as you enjoy a delicious meal and pristine service.

In the evenings enjoy soft music and gaze out at the moonlit ocean, Farivalhu has strived to blend traditional Maldivian aesthetics with modern design.


As one indulges in languid strolls on the coast, amidst the surroundings of the tenderly swaying palm trees and the gentle waves lapping on the golden shore, a fleeting glance at the waters and it becomes clear that there is more beyond the epic scenery of Maldives.

A famed destination for rare aquatic animals, Maldives belongs in the top five destinations in the world for whale watching. The wild imagination that one has of a great whale, surging through the water, its powerful body rising out of obscurity is a sight that can be easily seen in Maldives in its great adventures of whale submarines.

Travellers will find the excursion to be truly mind-blowing, as they delve into the underwater beauty of Maldives will be a sight of vivacious coral gardens and shoals of fascinating fish. Ideal for nature lovers, the outstanding attraction of whale watching will allow tourists to dive deep below 120ft in a passenger submarine whilst lounging in its state-of-the-art comforts.

Abundant with sea dwellers, the submarine sets off on a journey, welcoming you with sights of Common Lion Fish, Snappers and Yellow Box Fish. Allowing guests to see more of the creatures that inhabit the seas, it plunges across the waters to reveal a large cave where Napoleons and White Tip Reef Sharks take shelter inside its rocky sanctuary.

For those adventure enthusiasts, seeking to watch the exotic marine life of Maldives in its most natural settings, keep your camera ready as you will never miss an encounter of a fearless shark lurking in the waters.

Facilities and Activities

Let the practices of traditional therapeutic methods naturally purify both body and mind to formulate a revitalizing spa experience enhanced by the relaxing atmosphere of the lush surroundings at our luxurious spa resorts in Maldives.

Indulge in a myriad of cleansing and rejuvenating treatments offered by Coconut Spa. Experience an incomparable sense of tranquillity as you feel the healing touch of our experienced therapists.

Liberate your senses with our unique range of massages which utilize the use of several conventional therapeutic techniques in addition to Warm Stone Massage Therapy, Black Stone Massage Therapy and Sea Shell Massage Therapy among other treatments at one of the most exclusive spa resorts in Maldives.
Affirming a memorable vacation for our discerning guests, Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, our distinctive Maldives 5 star resort features a wide range of facilities to make your stay a special one. For a leisurely holiday complete with healing spa treatments and access to some of the finest dive sites in the Maldives, Adaara Prestige Vadoo offers accommodation of unbeatable quality, convenience and luxury.

Table Tennis
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Swimming Pool
Scuba Diving
Your visit to Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is not complete without trying your hand at the local pass time activity- fishing.This is definitely a night to remember full of scenes and memories. Bait your hook, drop your line direct from a ‘Dhoni’ to the reef edge & hope for a nibble as you watch the spectacular colors of sunset & ocean waves lap the surrounding islands. The fish caught by you could be prepared to your liking for dinner the next day.
Your local Marine Life guide will teach you the potential problems; such as waves, currents or the difficulties in entries and exits of the reef. It is advisable to take adequate precautions against the sun; the deceptive cool of the ocean may increase the chances of sunburn.
The Male’ Tour is unique. Male’ must rank amongst the smallest capital cities of the world. Explore the streets of this tiny & unique island city through a guided tour by experienced local tour guides. Watch the fisherman unload their catch at the bustling local fish market or wander the aisles of the colourful Maldivian consumable products at the local market. Learn about the history & culture of the Maldives by visiting places of interest in the city. Although Male ’is not the shopping capital of the world, you will find plenty of enthusiastic vendors keen to show you around their souvenir shops.
The seclusion & untouched beauty of these islands even attracted visitors who crossed these seas even in the past. For a better insight of the local life, an excursion to an inhabited island will be ideal. You will see the men at work, the children enjoying themselves and the women busy with their chores.
A Maldivian Holiday is not complete without a visit to a designated Picnic Island or an uninhabited island and experience nature in perfect harmony. Spend a day in the clear waters of a deserted island, swimming, snorkeling and experience a barbecue on the beach.
A visit to the underwater world in the state-of-the-art Whale Submarine, the deep diving largest passenger submarine in the world that takes you on an underwater adventure at 120ft below the surface.
Ever wished you and your partner were the only people in the world? Here is the chance to experience such a feeling on our reef snorkeling & picnic lunch. Only you, surrounded by the sapphire sky and the emerald waters with your lover or family on powdery sand lagoon, enjoy a picnic lunch .One of our exclusive activities that you should not miss.
Enjoy a spectacular bird’s eye view of the splendor of Maldives while you journey on a Seaplane, It’s guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime.
One of the oldest sea vessels in the Maldives, the dhoni provides the best way to explore the islands in all its glory. Assuring travellers the finest views, cruising in a dhoni will allow guests to glance through its mesmerising sights and its natural beauty. Perfect for capturing memorable pictures to take home, travellers can indulge in a unique adventure, an experience one can always relive by going through photo after photo.

Envisioned from one’s dreams, Maldivian Islands are a tropical paradise, known for their palm fringed magical allure of spectacular languid waters. A threshold where such sights can be seen in abundance, a true dhoni experience will add an intriguing twist to your vacation where travellers can capture the golden sun and the cluster of silvery-tinged clouds.

Abound with stunning sights; be astounded by the picture-perfect island as wherever one gives a fleeting look, glimpses of capturing the perfect moment arises. Awakening the soul of a photographer, guests also have the option of capturing an eternal moment of its perfect locations, whether it’s the translucent waters, the remarkable islands or the coral reefs.

Accommodating 8 passengers, the dhoni is well equipped with private cabins and a sun deck, where travellers can simply relax. Taking picture after picture, its picturesque surroundings will stir a need deep within you to cherish its exquisite moments, just as the sun sinks into the horizon.
For a fishing enthusiast, visiting the tropical waters of the Maldives offers an escape into a world of dreams. Abundant with a myriad of sport fish, the ocean that surrounds this chain of islands indubitably holds many prized catches for the avid fisherman.

The thrill of fishing is best experienced in the wee hours of the morning. Travellers have the option to wake early in the morning and set off on a journey amidst the lush greenery and sandy beaches. Surrounded by tall palm trees and coral islands, morning fishing in the Maldives promises tourists of all skill levels a great adventure and a host of memories that would last them a lifetime.

The morning hours in the seas of the Maldives attracts a variety of fish such as Jack, Little Tuna, Vahoo, Rainbow Runner, Dolphin Fish, and the intimidating Barracuda, among others. Setting sail towards the rising sun with the familiar hum of the dhoni, the traditional craft of the Maldivian seafarer, offers travellers a spectacular view of the horizon, slowly changing into the beautiful colours of the golden daylight.

Cruising on the façade of shimmering waters, travellers need to simply drop a line and wait patiently for the bait to be taken. The bountiful resources of the Indian Ocean will give fishermen a memorable fishing excursion to try your luck and catch a fish.

Travellers will also have the option to indulge in a breakfast box with tea, coffee and water, making your fishing trip a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Getting There

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, a splendid resort hotel located on the unspoilt beaches of the magical Maldives always entrances discerning travellers who select it to spend their holiday. Sun, sand and surf are some of the most treasured aspects of a holiday in the Maldives and the picturesque island of Vadoo does not disappoint with expanses of pristine beach and glistening seas under the radiance of idyllic tropical skies.

A holiday at this fine resort assures the best of both worlds; modern amenities and conveniences amidst a blissfully relaxed and leisurely ambience that can only be experienced in tropical lands like the Maldives. Five star hotels such as Adaaran Prestige Vadoo extends a gracious welcome to its esteemed guests, and at all times lives up to its reputation as a premier luxury boutique hotel.

Set amongst exquisitely landscaped gardens with a magnificent swimming pool and exclusive spa facilities, Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is a name synonymous with luxury and satisfaction amongst Maldives five star hotels. No less than 50 elegantly appointed villas are featured in at this luxurious resort that is particularly popular with honeymooners who cherish the intimate accommodations and romantic aura which pervades the atmosphere.

The delightful aquamarine waters lapping on the powder soft sands conceal a stunning diving location suitable for both advanced and novice divers. Swimming and snorkelling are also among the attractive leisure options available to the water sport enthusiast. The picturesque coral reefs in the inviting waters shelter a myriad of marine life including colourful fish, vibrant coral and other denizens of the deep.

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is easily accessed from the international airport via speedboat, with the swift water trip taking a mere 15 minutes in a southerly scenic direction. Travellers who base themselves at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo will enjoy convenient access to Maldives landmarks like the Grand Friday Mosque, National Museum and the Presidential Palace.