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The island of Ihuru lies like a tiny, bright emerald surrounded by the glittering ocean. The name means ‘old palm trees’ in the local tongue; appropriately the lofty trees provide welcome patches of shade on the sizzling sand. By contrast, the villas are crisp, contemporary and colourful.
Every day is a different experience, with Robinson Crusoe islands, dolphin-spotting adventures and local cookery classes to discover.
Alternatively, explore the colourful house reef or be pampered at the award-winning Angsana Spa.

Occupying the island of Ihuru in the North Malé Atoll, Angsana Maldives Ihuru lies in secluded luxury. Surrounded by dazzling white talc sand and the bluest of waters teeming with astonishing soft corals and fish sparkling in brilliant colors, the exquisite beauty of this tropical haven is all yours. After all, its beaches and waters remain accessible only to resort guests.

Angsana´s 45 villas face the shimmering ocean and have direct access to the beach; their décor is an invigorating mix of tropical and contemporary styles. With a private garden for sunbathing and breezy veranda for dining, both overlooking the turquoise sea, each villa is an exquisite place to be idle, succumb to the slow pace of life and perfect the art of doing nothing. Ten villas are even equipped with their own luxurious Jacuzzis.

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Beach front Villas

Beach front Villas

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Beach front Jet Pool Villas

Beach front Jet Pool Villas

Luxury Private Villa
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Explore the depths of the ocean. Boasting one of the best house reefs in the country, Ihuru is the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Hulhangu Kandu is located at the corner of an outer reef adjoining a channel. Since the reef is not in one line, the current keeps changing. The reef slopes from 7-10 meters to more than 50 meters.
Begin your dive at the edge of the reef into the deep blue of the ocean till the current takes you to the front of the reef. Watch a large school of gray reef, silver tip and white tip sharks circling the deep waters. As you look up towards the surface, spot eagle rays swimming alongside tunas and barracudas.

Nassimo Thila is one of the best sites for soft corals and marine life in the North Malé Atoll. The oval shaped reef begins at 10-15 meters with several large pinnacles of soft corals and reaches a depth of 18-25 meters. The rocks are exposed to the full force of the current, resulting in a spectacular display of soft corals on the rock faces and overhangs.
On the north of the reef between 15-22 meters are beautiful overhangs of yellow and blue soft corals. At the southern end, the overhangs are filled with soft corals and sea fans of various sizes. You can spot napoleons, large tunas, sharks, bigeye trevallies, black snappers, and nurse sharks. You need to be an advanced diver since the strong current presents a challenge for diving.

The Small Things
Dhon Bibi Haa is a circular reef located in the inner atoll approximately 30 minutes from Angsana Ihuru. The reef starts from 3-4 meters and extends to 60-70 meters in diameter. It has a depth of 25-30 meters.
The most fascinating part of the reef is the top and coral blocks where you can watch frogfish, stonefish and lionfish. You may also spot ribbon eels. As the reef is protected from strong currents, it is an ideal dive site for different skill levels of diving.

Protected Marine Environment
Kuda Haa is a protected marine sanctuary that resembles a two-humped camel. The reef slopes from 6 to 35 meters below the sea and is covered in sponges and corals. Watch schools of blue-striped snapper. Basslet, fusilier and butterfly fish glide in front of you, while sharks hover in the shallow areas. You may even be lucky to spot moray eels, cleaner shrimp, and the rare scorpion and leaf fish.

Manta Rays
Lankan Manta Point, a world-renowned site for manta rays, is located off the reef of Lankan Finolhu. You can spot these majestic creatures from a depth of 8 to 22 meters on the southeast corner of the reef around large rocks during the southwest monsoon. The reef begins at 8 meters and slopes gradually to 30 meters.
During the southwest monsoon, when plankton thrives, manta rays converge at rocks that serve as ‘cleaning stations’ for cleaner wrasses to shed old skin and parasites. Thereafter, the manta rays swim up and down the reef as they feed on zooplankton in shallow water. The manta rays remain at the ‘cleaning station’ and circle around divers.
Angsana Ihuru is home to more than a few outstanding marine biology research initiatives. Prepare to be surprised by the underwater ecosystem shared by Angsana Ihuru and Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru. Join hands to protect our marine ecosystem.

Reef Cleaning
Help our Marine Lab and Dive staff remove litter and save our reefs from predators.

‘Barnacle’ Project
Our Marine Lab’s Barnacle is a volcano-shaped steel structure that ensures the sustainability of corals within an experimental reef. In the past decade, 60-80% of corals have survived the rising sea water temperature in the Barnacle.

Turtle Head Start Programme
Our Marine Lab undertakes research to protect Green Sea and Hawksbill turtles from extinction. The staff cordons off turtle-nesting sites and raises hatchlings in lagoon pens. Before turtles are released, they are fitted with titanium flipper tags and satellite transmitters to monitor their movement and behaviour.
Experience a slice of Maldivian living. Visit the capital city of Malé and explore an uninhabited island.
Indulge in water sports in the vicinity of the island. Enjoy hobie-cat sailing, wind surfing, reef fishing, sports fishing, fun tubing, and wakeboarding.
Experience the dazzling beauty of marine life at a pristine reef within walking distance from your villa.
Explore our house reef, ideal for both beginners and experienced divers. We also provide training to improve your diving skills.

Choose your preferred cuisine and ambience. From the sandbank to your villa and from fusion to Maldivian cuisine, you have a range of choices.
From the sandbank to your villa, choose from several fine dining destinations.

Beach BBQ
Dine under the stars & enjoy your own private BBQ (with Chef & Butler) in front of your villa. Enjoy a romantic evening with your partner in the warm gentle breeze, listening to the soft sounds of the Indian Ocean.

Saturday Beach Dinner
A special Lobster Menu, served on the beach every Saturday. Enjoy a magnificent meal fresh from the grill, while enjoying the view of the glimmering ocean under the stars.

Discovery Dining
The ultimate destination and culinary journey – a first in the Maldives. Enjoy your 5 courses dining experience in different 5 destinations on 2 islands. The ultimate dining adventure with Champagne and canapés during a romantic Sunset sailing trip, savour the flavours of our chefs with an exciting change of scenery with every course of your meal.

Spa Dining
Enjoy a relaxing massage at our award winning Spa, after which experience the culinary delights of our chefs with a 5 course dinner in the romantic ambience of the Spa.

Sandbank Dining
The breathtaking view of the setting sun will whet your appetite as we whisk you away on a speedboat towards the ultimate dining destination- our private Sandbank. Enjoy a romantic dining experience, served a sumptuous BBQ dinner, while sipping champagne, surrounded by the ocean under the stunning Maldivian night sky.
‘Velaavani’ means ‘shallow bay’ in Dhivehi, the national language of Maldives. Chill out at the waterfront bar, sip cocktails and nibble on snacks. You may just spot turtles and dolphins in the lagoon and house reef.
‘Riveli’ means ‘beam of light’ in Dhivehi, the national language of Maldives. Enjoy the fusion of Asian, Mediterranean and Maldivian cuisine. Choose your preferred meal and ambience – buffet or set dinner, indoors or alfresco.

Attain wellness across your spiritual, mental and physical being. Our holistic therapies rejuvenate you from within.

In 1994, the Banyan Tree Phuket pioneered the tropical garden spa by introducing Oriental therapies that focus on spiritual, mental and physical harmony. Angsana Spa Ihuru distils these practices passed down the generations. Get pampered by experienced therapists in the backdrop of palm-fringed beaches and crystal-clear waters.

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Enjoy the surreal view of miles and miles of turquoise waters. Venture into the ocean and watch dazzling marine life. Wake up to a sensory experience, every day at Angsana Ihuru.

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