Conrad Maldives Rangali Island a Little R and R 2015

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island a Little R and R 2015
Post: January 01, 1970

I was lucky enough to spend 2 nights on Conrad Maldives at the weekend (1st August).  I can’t say that this was a Fam Trip as actually it was mainly a bit of R and R and what better place to spend it on than one of the best resorts in the Maldives.  Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is truly barefoot luxury!

There is just something really quite special about this resort that makes it one of my all-time favorite resorts in the Maldives.

Whilst it doesn’t have the best rooms if we are comparing to luxury resorts such as Jumeriah Dhevanafushi, Velaa Private Island, Huvafenfushi,  One and Only and W Maldives, it just has this amazing charm and atmosphere and without doubt one of the best resort teams of employees I have ever encountered.   Many of the staff have been on the resort for years and this shows through the effortless service.  Everything is seamless and genuine.   There really is a passion behind the staff and this creates a wonderful welcoming relaxed environment which I believe flows over to the guests.  Everyone talks to everyone.  It doesn’t matter the nationality or wealth, everyone just feels at ease with everyone.   Whereas in some of the resorts there really is a feeling of status, where guests don’t talk to others.  This is of course their right, their choice not to, but personally I don’t like resorts with this kind of feeling.  Sometimes it can show in the service, with a difference in the level service given to clients depending on who they are.   I have never in all the years I have been in the Maldives (over 13 years) and on any visit to Conrad Maldives, felt any different.   The high level of service is the same throughout.

The resort is stunning and I love the sand floors in the public areas, including the reception, bar and Atoll Market Restaurant.   The black sand in the Wine bar is particularly cooling on the feet. Of course cleanliness is important and you will always see staff sweeping and racking the sand.

The Food and Beverage Team are exceptional and without doubt probably the best team I have yet to encounter in the Maldives thus far and over the years I have visited over 70 resorts.    Theirs a natural flow and great team work.  Guests are not kept waiting, delivery of food and drinks is extremely fast and the standard of cuisine and the vast choice is brilliant.    Little details particular in Rangali bar in the condiments given is great, small bottles of mayonnaise, mustard, tobacco sauce and olive oil and balsamic vinegar (I’ve not seen these before) and a selection of breads is such a nice touch.

The Atoll Market (the main restaurant) serves the best breakfast I have ever experienced anywhere I have travelled.  The vast choice is unbelievable.  There is so much choice of pastries including sweet and savory ones and they didn’t remain the same on day two.    They have the juice counter where the Chef will prepare fresh fruit /vegetable smoothies for you.   The Asian corner, the Egg counter, chilled items, cereals and yoghurts.   Everything you think you can have for breakfast, I’m sure you will find on this buffet.  They say that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ – believe me you won’t go hungry here!

Dinner in the Atoll Market is just has brilliant as the breakfast, again with different stations, which so much choice.  The Asian corner, Indian corner, the Italian Corner, the Deli, Chilled Seafood, Japanese and the Grill Counter.   The choice and standard of cuisine is excellent and will suit all tastes.

The staff are friendly and genuinely interested in what you have to say and they are great at promoting the other restaurants which is not only offering a service to the guests but generating revenue for the resort.  They are highly trained in what they know and this is very clear.   

The beach and public areas are kept pristine and early morning you can see a big team of staff out on the beach, racking the sand and making sure it looks lovely for when the guests get up.   

I was lucky enough to enjoy a Spa treatment in the Spa Retreat which was wonderful.   Again compared to newer resorts the Spa treatment rooms are nothing special, but it is all about the service, which was excellent.   It would have been nice however to have a more comfortable relaxation area after the treatment, rather than the current area which is also a boutique selling all the Spa products.  I nice over water decking with sunbeds and Jacuzzi would have been nice.

Dinner in the Sunset Grill was delicious.  A nice setting over the lagoon, great staff and delicious cuisine.

I really love Conrad Maldives and whilst there are some little improvements that can be made to keep up with their competitors (little things like amenities in the room) overall I would not want this resort to change too much.  I would hate to see it become too modern and glitzy as to me it is perfect the way it is.

Conrad Maldives what an incredible resort, which without doubt has a lot to do with the amazing team of employees you have working for you.   

Thanks for a wonderful experience.   I will be back again, hopefully soon!

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