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The Sunset Queen is a sturdy wooden hulled boat equipped with the most modern of amenities and comforts to please the most discerning of guests. Designed to exude an ambience of leisure and non-ostentatious luxury and class, the boat is equipped with open spaces for lounging and relaxation and an open top deck with a Jacuzzi and deck chairs for a lie in the sun.

At 27 meters long and 8 meters wide with four decks, Sunset Queen accommodates 15 guests comfortably. Watch the beautiful Maldives islands slide past on the horizon as you sip a chilled drink whilst relaxing on the deck or for the more adventurous we offer diving, snorkelling, surfing and island hopping.



Facilities and Activities

The crew familiar with the local waters will navigate you through the beautiful reefs and channels of the Maldives. Awake to the sun rising over the azure ocean, snorkel reefs and discover the beauty of the underwater world of the Maldives, visit deserted islands or the local villages to sample the local way of life, sunbathe on remote sandbanks and by night relax on deck gazing at the millions of stars above you.
The Maldives boasts a number of world-class surfing spots including the famous ‘Honkeys’, ‘Sultans’ and ‘Jailbreaks’. The beauty of surfing these island chains is that there are many spots within a short distance of each other and waves that will accommodate every level of surfing. A surfing cruise onboard Sunset Queen allows you to explore a wide range of surf breaks and stay for as little or as long as you wish.
Sunset Queen’s dive safari provides divers of all levels the opportunity to explore and experience the world famous dive sites of the Maldives. Our PADI/SSI licensed dive guide will ensure you see the best The Maldives has to offer. The dive season runs all year round, but the conditions are near perfect from November to May due to calm seas and brilliant visibility. Divers are transported to dive spots by a local wooden boat known as a dhoni. The dhoni is equipped with tanks, weights, emergency equipment, life vests, first aid & emergency oxygen and obviously between dives there is the opportunity to relax on the sundeck, snorkel or swim.

Getting There