Places of Interest in Maldives

Maldives Island is an exotic blend of ethnicity and modern values. The Island’s climate is warm and tropical with resorts that have taken holiday experiences to the next level. The Maldives native language is Dhivehi, which is spoken in all parts of the country, but not spoken in any other part of the world.


Magical places in Maldives
Now among the most highly rated tourism destinations in the world, Maldives prides herself of incredible beaches and resorts. This Island has become a haven for newlyweds who opt to enjoy their honeymoon on an exotic yet peaceful island. Some of the most talked about places include the historical sites like the National Museum of Maldives, the beautiful reefs; like the Manta Point and the Banana Reef and the magical resorts and hotels.


Historical Sites in Maldives
Although there are several historical sites, the National Museum of Maldives is one very impressive site. This is a part of the island that should not be missed by any tourist who visits the Maldives Island. Situated in Male’ capital city of Maldives, it hosts some very exquisite historical artifacts that reflect the history of the country. This is the best place to learn about the rich culture of the Maldives as it exhibits royal antiquities, traditional costumes, a hand-written miniature of the Koran and Buddhist relics just to mention but a few.


Breathtaking Resorts in Maldives
Maldives Island is not only known for her historical sites and rich culture but also for some very fascinating and noteworthy beach resorts. Amongst the places of interest that should not be omitted by any traveler include the Sun Island Resort and Spa; considered the most luxurious resort in the Maldives Island with remarkable, beautiful greenery, and the stunning lagoons and tropical flowers that leave you speechless.


Incredible Reefs in Maldives
The exotic reefs of Maldives are among the most favored activities sites by vacationers. For travelers who love diving, the reefs are out of this world- so to speak. The crystal clear waters of the lagoons and the coral reefs are an incredible combination that makes the Maldives diving experience one of the most sought after in the world.

The peaceful and calm Maldives Islands are therapeutic to the mind and an amazing place to spend a romantic honeymoon. A vacation there simply brings a couple closer in an extremely unique and special way.

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