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Die 50 Meter langen Schiffe Scubaspa Ying und Scubaspa Yang sind zwei unverwechselbare Kreuzfahrtschiffe auf den Malediven. In Bezug auf Größe und Ausstattung gibt es in der Tauchbranche kein vergleichbares Schiff. Daher ähnelt es auch eher einem kleinen Insel Resort als einem Schiff. Seit Mai 2013 ist die Scubaspa auf den Malediven im Einsatz. Im wöchentlichen Wechsel führen die Kreuzfahrten dann in den Süden oder den Norden der Malediven. Die Touren beginnen immer samstags und starten und enden in Malé. Nord- und Südtouren werden im Wechsel angeboten, sodass das Gäste die zwei Wochen buchen, neue Tauchreviere kennenlernen. Das Schwesternschiff, die Scubaspa Yang wird Anfang 2014 zu Wasser gelassen, um den zu erwartenden Ansturm gerecht zu werden.

As you would expect on a luxury cruise vessel, whatever cabin or suite you choose you will enjoy spacious accommodation, finished in the most beautiful materials and to the highest standard. You´ll have full control of your own climate thanks to the individual air-conditioning units. There is under-bed luggage storage and wardrobes for your use. Your ensuite bathroom has been designed to make use of all available space and completed by some of the finest craftsmen in the Maldives.

Scubaspa is an inspiration second to none, offering an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime on board a luxury safari vessel. Whether diving or enjoying daily treatments in the sumptuous spa, you will receive the finest and very best from both worlds. The Scubaspa experience will remain with you long after your journey home.

Floating in a sensuous and romantic ambience of light and space, beautifully styled in every detail, you will discover many places on board to socialise and relax. With panoramic views of the ocean, intimate areas for privacy as well as specially designed terraces for sun worship, you will find your place to dream.

You have two options for a diving vacation on board Scubaspa Ying: either you book a Schba Holiday Package or a Scba&Spa Holiday Package. Scuba diving in the warm turquoise Maldivian waters is a unique and truly magical experience and the philosophy of Scubaspa is to bring this "magic" to every single dive you take with us. These waters are exceptionally friendly and welcoming with a vibrant array of sea life, with its exotic colours and indescribable beauty. This enchanting world will cascade your senses with mesmerizing images. Whether you are on an outside reef, a thila or a manta ray feeding station. Whether enjoying the interaction with a comical turtle, trying to absorb the majestic presence of a whale shark or looking at a tiny nudibranch, whilst remaining safe in the depths of the ocean you will be in total awe. The connection will be made and will draw you back dive after glorious dive. We´ll be there to make it happen.

The Scuba option is only open to certified divers. Once onboard, those who have booked the Spa option can request a Discover Scuba Diving or maybe even an Open Water Course. Those who have selected the Scuba option may also book spa treatments, depending on availability. Couples who have chosen one SCUBA holiday and one SPA holiday package may exchange dives with Spa treatments between them.

Welcome to a unique Spa experience where traditional Asian therapies and the latest natural holistic treatments, are created to embrace your whole being. Each Spa treatment is designed to bring deep relaxation, optimum wellbeing and rejuvenation. Let all tensions dissolve with the ebb and flow of the Indian Ocean, as the mind and body are restored to a natural state of peace, harmony and balance.

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