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Maldives Environment

The Maldives Islands are very fragile and Global Warming can have an adverse effect on this nations survive. UNESCO has deemed BAA Atoll a Biosphere Reserve

The Maldives is a cluster of islands located in the Southern part of Lakshadweep islands and approximately 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka. Maldives is the land of gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water. There is also abundant aquatic life and coral reefs which make it the best choice for scuba divers. Precisely, Maldives can be called a collective of coral islands situated on the Indian Ocean. Today, these islands have a great relationship with the rest of the world making them a great tourist destination.  The beauty of this nation has made Maldives holidays the best type of holidays for honeymoons and family getaways among others. 

This country does everything to make the environment as conducive as possible for both the residents and visitors. The government has a law that all resorts are supposed to dispose of their garbage in a manner that will not cause any damage to the environment. All tourist resorts are required to have compactors and incinerators that can burn flammable materials and get rid of cans. Any facility that doesn’t have these machineries is not allowed to operate.    

In 1989, the first National Environmental Action Plan was formed to create the future actions to prevent environmental hazards. It is worth mentioning that over exploitation of natural resources such as coral mining is forbidden in certain areas. The historical attractions which are under risk of extinctions are highly protected. Maldives requests all visitors to help in keeping the environment clean by not throwing rubbish around the island, not breaking any coral reefs and avoid burying things in the sand to mention but a few.  The conservation efforts the environment gets from the locals and visitors makes Maldives have the best environment for honeymooners. 

This island creates a great environment for atolls that have existed for thousands of years with coral growth that grows around the edges of submerged volcanic mountain peak. These corals initially exist around the shores of a volcanic landmass.  To have all the corals and fauna growing on the island, they need to have a superb environment. This is the reason why Maldives always strives to create a fabulous environment so as to promote the growth of nature. Nature plays a major role in the beauty of Maldives and this the reason why laws are put in place to make sure the surroundings are clean at all times. 

When you visit the Maldives, you have the opportunity to experience the Flora, fauna, coral and underwater. All these variety of attractions not only makes Maldives holidays popular for honeymoons but also for other types of holidays. The island environment is one of the best in the whole world thus making it popular for many travelers. All resorts in the nation are dedicated to providing exclusive island experiences for honeymooners, families, couples and individual travellers.  Anyone looking for a crystal clean and top notch holiday getaways undoubtably should consider the Maldives for a truly memorable vacation of a life time.


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