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Male City

Male is one of the smallest Capitals in the world. Just like all Capitals, busy and noisy. Checkout the fish & local markets, Sultans Park and souvenir shops

Despite Male being the capital city of the Maldives, most tourists coming for Maldives holidays to indulge in the fun and excitement associated with the stunning islands only use the city as a transit point. In terms of size, Male is categorized as one of the smallest capitals in the world because the city can be easily explored in about an hour. One third of the population in Maldives totaling about 90,000 residents resides in this city and therefore it’s densely populated with crowded streets. Guests who are coming for Maldives holidays including honeymoons first encounter sceneries dominated by several high-rise buildings hosting government offices, financial institutions and numerous business enterprises. Male is the headquarters of government operations, and the city has paved roads with a sea wall built around the tiny island. 

One unique feature with Male is that the beaches are not natural. Instead, a landscaped artificial beach dominates the surroundings and is frequented by residents who come out with their kids to enjoy a swim. Tourists on Maldives holidays also pass-by this beach to get a firsthand experience before moving on to other interesting places to visit. The city itself is a perfect spot for shopping with 2 main streets; Majeedhee Magu running across the island from east to west, and Chaandhanee Magu runs from North to South of the island. The city’s main streets have several jewellery and clothes shops selling a wide variety of items both locals and tourists would be interested in. Traffic jams during rush hour get hectic, but traffic lights and one-way roads ensure a smooth flow of motorized vehicles. 

A variety of leisure activities await everyone who visits Male. Tourists visiting enjoy a variety of sight-seeing spots including a local fish market, Sultans Park, Friday Mosque and the museum. Furthermore, guests enjoying their Maldives Holidays can go on a shopping spree or enjoy home-made ice cream and cool drinks while they explore the city. For those who love art and craft, water-front souvenir shops are a must visit to shop for various items. The northern end of Chaandanee Magu is famous with a vibrant shopping district. 

Guests coming to this island shouldn’t forget to check out local handicrafts particularly traditional lacquered wooden boxes, vases and bowls sold in a wide range of brightly colored patterns. Maldivian mats designed from reed or coconut leaves and coir are skillfully handmade by craftsmen and women. Plenty of souvenirs made from mother-of-pearl a prominent local material are also common. Visitors should be aware that Maldives doesn’t permit exportation of black coral, turtle shell, red coral products and pearl oyster shell.



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