Local Island Life by Koamas Luxury Escapes

Local Island Life

Local Island Life

A local island Experience gives you the unique opportunity to interact and experience the culture of an intriguing nation.  From local crafts and music to day-to-day island life, like fishing and boat building, you’ll feel like you’ve landed somewhere special – not in just another typical resort. 

Life generally is quite simple, relaxed and peaceful.   You will not find cars on the local islands, although there may be one or two trucks which are generally used for moving supplies around and some locals have motor bikes and cycles.

There are no roads but streets which are just sand and you’ll often see the ladies out sweeping early morning near their houses as they pride themselves on keeping the homes neat and tidy.

You’ll often see locals sat outside their houses on ‘jollies’ (local chairs) chatting with family and friends and children playing in the streets.

The locals are warm and friendly but can be shy at first.  You may see them starring at first but just smile and say ‘hello’ and they will greet you back.

Facilities on most local islands include:  School, Police Station, Local Government Offices, Medical Clinic (Hospitals are only on Atoll Capitals), cafés and restaurants, local shops for groceries, souvenir shops and cash point machines, although Banks are usually only on larger islands.