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About Koamas Luxury Escapes

About Koamas Luxury Escapes

Welcome to Koamas  (meaning Dolphin in the local Maldivian language of Dhivehi) Luxury Escapes.

When choosing a name for our agency we wanted to use a local word  that people could relate to and one of the most popular things any tourist wants to see when in the Maldives are Dolphins (Koamas) swimming in their natural habitat and you won’t be disappointed!

At Koamas Luxury Escapes we offer a personalized service all the way!  A small but dedicated team  of professionals with hands on experience and knowledge of this unique destination that we love so much!

You will find our service not only professional but friendly and charming just like the Maldivian hospitality.

Our team is made up of local and international staff,  who between us we have in excess of 30 years experience of working in the Tourism Industry across many countries of the globe but most importantly over 12 years experience of Maldivian Tourism.


Koamas Luxury Escapes China

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